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Open Accessibility Framework

The core concept of AEGIS is to conduct research that will enable us to specify and develop a comprehensive Open Accessibility Framework (OAF) that builds support for accessibility directly into every step of this mainstream ICT development process. In addition, we will conduct research to enable the development of embeddable assistive technologies for the desktop and for mobile devices which tie directly into this Open Accessibility Framework, leveraging the accessibility information encoded in these software applications. The 6 steps of OAF are graphically represented here (file download here).

Please follow the video of AEGIS' Open Accessibility Framework (OAF) through which aspects of the design, development and deployment of accessible mainstream ICT have been realised in the domains of web, desktop and mobile.

Desktop Section

Web Section

Mobile Section

In the above sections (select platform and 'Go'), we have tried to cluster the accessibility items of each of the most widely known platforms in desktop, mobile and web across the 6 steps of OAF, while, whenever applicable, the AEGIS project contributions are being highlighted (see items indicated with **). When it is applicable, a hyperlink leads you to the official pages that each solution (from AEGIS or not) is being maintained, whereas whenever a Example of link to AEGIS ontology exists, you may follow it to link to the relevant semantics of the solution, as this have been implemented in the context of AEGIS ontology. This is an on-going activity that aims to link the accessibility world and put it in a frame understandable and usable by all. Your feedback is very much appreciated (for any queries, please contact info [at] aegis-project [dot] eu) and/or fill in the following on-line form.