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Blizzard Challenge 2008

LTI LogoMy inbox this morning contained a message regarding another year for the Blizzard Challenge, which is a competition to help with the understanding and comparison of research techniques in building corpus-based speech synthesizers. The challenge is an awesome idea in that it helps

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Cepstral Swift working with GNOME-Speech on Solaris Express!

Orca LogoOK...so I've been a blogging fool in the past 18 hours. I can't help myself. There's so much that's been bubbling inside me, but there's also been so much work to lead and work on Orca that I haven't felt quite right taking the time to blog. Well...everyone tells me to blog more, so I'm trying.

In a past life, I created and led the Read more: Willie Walker's Weblog

Orca Migrated to Pyatspi

Orca LogoMozilla FoundationThe Mozilla Foundation graciously funded Eitan Isaacson to migrate Orca away from its custom AT-SPI bindings to Read more: Willie Walker's Weblog

Emerging Web Technology Support Rolled into Orca

Orca LogoFirefox LogoWe've had the pleasure of having Scott Haeger on the Orca team this year. His contributions have been graciously funded by the Mozilla Foundation, and his primary focus has been to bring in support for emerging web technologies: Read more: Willie Walker's Weblog

Enabling Full Screen Magnification on Solaris Express

Orca LogoOpen Solaris LogoRich and Joanie just made a number of fantastic improvements to Orca's magnification support. It was an area of Orca I've been

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AT-SPI over DBus Investigation Results Presented

GNOME FootprintMozilla FoundationAt today's meeting of the Open Accessibility (A11y) Group, Mark Doffman and Rob Taylor took center

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