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GNOME Accessibility

Just a quick note on some nice Linux.com articles by Bruce Byfield:

Nokia funds AT-SPI/DBus work!

GNOME FootprintGNOME AccessibilityIn a past post, I talked about the investigation that Mark Doffman and Rob Taylor

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eSpeak 1.37 has direct Solaris audio support

Orca LogoeSpeak LogoIn a previous blog post, I mentioned work that we had been doing to get eSpeak working on Solaris. The process required several other packages in order for it to work, and none of these packages were really

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Orca Magnification Support Well Received at CSUN

Orca LogoCSUN LogoLast year, I wrote about a push that Read more: Willie Walker's Weblog

Videos on Orca from India

Orca LogoPeter Korn forwarded me two YouTube videos talking about Orca use in India: "The first video is an eight and a half minute collection of three Indian news reports about a seminar that Mr. Krishnakant Mane held for the

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GNOME Foundation Announces Program to Sponsor Accessibility Projects

GNOME LogoToday, the GNOME Foundation Announced a Program to Sponsor Accessibility Projects. This program will help raise both awareness of accessibility among maintstream developers as well as improve the overall accessibility of the GNOME platform. With much trust from the organizations funding the effort, David Bolter, Luke Yelavich, and I

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Orca and Accerciser in March 2008 Linux Journal

Orca LogoMarch 2008 Linux Journal CoverLast year, George Kraft from IBM worked with the Linux Journal folks to help get an issue with a focus on accessibility.

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Accessible Install Progress

Orca LogoOpen Solaris LogoLast month, I wrote about getting eSpeak working on Solaris Express and how that was one of the gating factors for me working on an accessible install for Project Indiana. Well, with eSpeak

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eSpeak working with Orca on Solaris Express

Orca LogoeSpeak LogoThe eSpeak speech synthesizer is a very useful tool for providing free speech synthesis for a variety of languages. Gilles Casse did some great work in the past writing a gnome-speech driver for eSpeak, which led to a whole bunch of

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Joanie Kicking Butt on Firefox Performance

Orca LogoFirefox LogoWhen we first started working on Firefox accessibility via Orca, we were running into a number of bugs that basically forced us to do some very brute force navigation techniques. The core of this brute force navigation was to analyze the content character by character in a

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Bugs bugs bugs

Bugzilla bug logoAndre Klapper posted 2007's GNOME Bugzilla Statistics. For me, it was great to see several members of the Orca team as well as the Orca project itself make the various lists.

The Orca team takes bugs very

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