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Sun's Mark Bristow takes two gold medals & sets new world record in Beijing

Mark Bristow is a project manager in Sun's IT operations group. He also happens to be a world-class cyclist for Great Britan's cycling team. And yesterday he set a new world record time in the Men's 1km Time Trial at the Paralympics in Beijing, receiving his second gold medal at the games. Congratulations Mark!

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MouseTrap - the cheese is getting better with age!

GNOME LogoFlavio Percoco Premoli has been busy plugging away on his MouseTrap work and has posted a video to YouTube:

Trying hang gliding again

A few years after I joined Sun I took up a sport I'd long been interested in - hang gliding. But then after two years of it - learning the basics of flying and actually managing to find a thermal or two and gain a modest amount of altitude - I found myself frustrated with the speed of my progress, the flight characteristics of my glider. And then I had to deal with some major life changes (loosing first one parent, then the second), and the years passed by with my glider gathering dust

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Friday silliness - a bizarre "electronic curb cut" use of Oracle

One of the points folks in the accessibility community often make (me among them) is that accessibility features are useful to and used by folks who don't have a disability (or have perhaps a "situational disability"). This is termed an "electronic curb cut", stemming from the observation that the cuts in the curbs of our sidewalks placed there so that folks in wheelchairs can easily cross streets are used far more by delivery people and parents with strollers and bicyclists and so on.

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OpenOffice.org plug-in for creation of DAISY books

When we formed the OASIS OpenDocument Format Accessibility Subcommittee and reviewed ODF v1.0 for accessibility concerns, one of the things we thought about was the creation of DAISY books - the suitability of ODF to be the source format for digital talking books for

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Announcement at LinuxTag on OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta

Earlier today, at the LinuxTag conference in Berlin, Sun issued the press release titled: "OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta and Extensions Show Strong Momentum; Office Productivity Suite Delivers Document Accessibility for Mac Users with Disabilities" (emphasis is mine). The release immediately goes on to state: "Advanced Integration of

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ODF Accessibility Guidelines now an OASIS Committee Specification

To further underscore the importance of accessibility, the OASIS OpenDocument Format Technical Committee made a request to the OASIS OpenDocument Format accessibility subcommittee for us to submit our completed ODF Accessibility Guidelines to be approved as a formal Committee Specification. Such approval would elevate the document, making it not just a working document of

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Recognition where it is due: Sun's award to Andi Snow-Weaver

I've had the distinct pleasure of working with a tremendous set of colleagues on the Telecommunications and Electronic and Information Technology Advisory Committee. One colleague in particular - Andi Snow-Weaver of IBM - had the unenviable task of running the largest of the TEITAC subcommittees, as well as spearheading our harmonization effort with other global accessibility standards. It was a particularly thankless job that she did incredibly well. At

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Microsoft, welcome to the OpenDocument Format neighborhood!

Last November I noted that Microsoft and Novell would be working together to make some of their technologies accessible on UNIX, and I welcomed them to the UNIX accessibility neighborhood. Today it is time to welcome them to another neighborhood - that of the OASIS and ISO standard OpenDocument Format. It is also time to issue an invitation...

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Appeals court ruling: U.S. currency is discrimatory to the blind

On November 28, 2006, Judge James Robertson ruled in favor of the American Council of the Blind in the case "AMERICAN COUNCIL OF THE BLIND, et al., Plaintiffs, v. Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury Defendant". Judge Robertson found that the inaccessibility of U.S. currency to the blind is a violation of Section 504 of

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Low Cost Control of the Mouse via Web Cam

GNOME LogoFlavio Percoco contacted me today to let me know about some recent work he has been doing. Well...it's way cool: he's managed to hack a software solution that uses the built in web cam on his system to control his mouse pointer. This is friggin' cool. We've all been talking about this for a long

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