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Building Orca from Trunk on OpenSolaris

Orca LogoOpen Solaris LogoSo, I finally got around to getting my OpenSolaris 2008.11 b101a rc1b build environment set up. I know it seems strange that it took me a while to do this, especially after doing the work for the

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odt2dtbook 1.0.1

There is a new and improved version of the odt2dtbook extension for OpenOffice.org available!

For details about the changes, I suggest reading Dominique's blog, since he is one of the authors of that extension...

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IAccessible2, or - IBM to contribute to the OpenOffice.org 3 code line!

This was one of my personal highlights in the keynotes from the 6th OpenOffice.org conference last week:

In his talk, Michael Karasick, Director of Lotus Development IBM China, has promised that IBM would eventually contribute to the OOo 3 code line. And he especially mentioned IAccessible2.

So I hope to see this happening soon, volunteering to work together with the Team from IBM on this.

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Accessible Live CD and Install for OpenSolaris 2008.11 seem to be working!!!

Orca LogoOpen Solaris LogoIt's been a long time since I started the accessibility work for OpenSolaris. With the OpenSolaris 2008.11 b101a-rc1b

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Traffic in Beijing

Seems I must revise what I wrote about the traffic here a few days ago - traffic is still very heavy, seems I just watched it the wrong times or places when thinking it would be better nowadays.

Today we have been on a tourists tour with around 100 participants from OOoCon, and the ride within the city took very long.

We have been to different placces, including the Great Wall. There we had the "pleasure" to have the first snow of this year...

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AbilityNet to provide accessible netbook PCs with Orca

Orca LogoThis is basically a reblog of Steve Lee's blog entry about AbilityNet releasing 3 netbooks/UMPCs based on the ASUS eee PC with open assistive technology included. Ubuntu+Orca is one of the configurations, which is way cool. In the summer, we had done some work with their director

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Sophomoric rambling on judging a page by its CSS

I'm really not one for flash or pizazz. I avoid clothes with logos, except logos that I made a choice to wear that day (e.g., a GNOME T-Shirt to a GNOME meeting). The woman who cuts my hair has yet to get me to put gel in it; she also gets mad when I shave my head each spring to keep my head and helmet from getting gamey when I race. I picked my road bike for how it fits and handles, not for how it looks. My car is a 1996 Toyota Corolla Wagon, not for the sleek smooth lines, but because

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Just a quick note: Some of you might know that we have the ODF Toolkit project on OpenOffice.org for some time now.

Well, since something like an ODF toolkit should be independend from OOo, Sun and IBM just announced today at the OOoCon 2008 the ODF Toolkit project on odftoolkit.org (Press release will come some time

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China again

I am just attending the 6th OpenOffice.org conference in Beijing.

It's more more than a year ago that I visited RedFlag 2000 to teach them different things from OOo architecture, and some things in Beijing changed meanwhile, mostly because of the Olympic games.

There are many more subway lines, and the new ones are really modern.

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President Elect Barack Obama on Disabilities

I am so very proud to say that the next President of the United States, Barack Obama has one of the most thoughtful, detailed, and well articulated set of policies on people with disabilities I have ever seen. I encourage you to read them on his website. His key stated initiatives include:

From Russia with Heart

This morning I received a letter from Mr. Harris Sussman who passed along to me the text of a talk that he and his wife Svetlana gave a few weeks ago to the Russian American Medical Association. It speaks to me on quite a few levels. I was so moved by it, I just wanted to share it with all of you (with permission from Mr. Sussman).


Good morning! My name is Svetlana Sussman. I am delighted to be here with you.

I am not a medical doctor, or a dentist,

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