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Back to Prague for World Usability Day

A few years ago I traveled to Prague for World Usability Day 2006. Later this week I'm back in Prague for World Usability Day 2009. Along with a distinguished collection of speakers, I'll be giving a talk about the AEGIS and Read more: Peter Korn's Weblog

"OpenOffice.org can speak in up to 27 languages"

Yesterday Vincent Spiewak announced the availability of the odt2daisy add-on to OpenOffice.org that will create full DAISY talking books for the blind and others with print impairments. Combined with the free and multi-platform Read more: Peter Korn's Weblog

Sun's 2009 Corprate Social Responsiblity Report

Last week Sun published it's 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. As they have done with reports from the previous years (see the 2006 report, and the 2007 report, and the 2008

Read more: Peter Korn's Weblog

Security and Privacy Feature Improvements in upcoming OpenOffice.org 3.2

I had commented on the Black Hat 2009 OOo Security Paper some time ago.

There have been some points which could be clarified directly, or where I didn't agree on, but there also have been some valid points, where I promised that we would try to address them in OOo 3.2 – what we did.

Issues listed in the article, where improvements to OOo had been necessary

Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

Big Win for ODF

IBM asks all their employees  to stop using Microsoft Office, and completely switch to Lotus Symphony - IBM's office suite which is based on OpenOffice.org 1.1.

The important thing here is not that all employees should use IBM software, which you would expect anyway (eat your own dog food). The important thing is that the main goal with this is to completely switch to the OpenDocument

Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

Microsoft using Sun Ray Thin Clients

I just stumbled over this interesting article "Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center Chooses Sun Ray Thin Clients" and wanted to share it with you, because I really like Sun Ray environments.

We also make heavy use of Sun Ray systems in our OpenOffice.org Team here in Hamburg.

All productivity software is maintained

Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

OpenOffice.org Security Project

As promised in a comment in my "Comments on the Black Hat 2009 OOo Security Briefing", I have created the OpenOffice.org Security Project.

I already did this some weeks ago, but it took me some time to transfer all the content of my currently

Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

How to increase your browsers market share

So this is Microsoft's way to increase IE8 market share.

Just promise to people that they can win a fair amount of money - but only when using their most current, proprietary web browser. Oh - did I already say that this browser would only be available for their proprietary operating system?

Hardware vendors often write something like "works best with Windows XP Professional" -

Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

Sun ODF Plugin 3.1 for Microsoft Office

A new version of the ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office is available.

As I wrote in the last ODF Plugin announcement, the Plugin nowadays uses the same version number like the underlying OpenOffice.org version, so this version is now based on OpenOffice.org 3.1.

Some people asked for it, so I have added the possibility to disable the update feature and the

Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

ODF / OpenOffice.org Document Encryption

Quite frequently, people ask about the document encryption used in OpenOffice.org for ODF documents. Which algorithms are used? Is it really secure?

If you try some internet search, it's difficult to find the really useful information.
To make it easier for all, including me when I again have to answer such questions, I decided to write down some information here.


Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

OpenOffice.org Connector for Alfresco CMS

People using Alfesco, the Open Source Alternative for Enterprise Content Management, might want to try our brand new OOo extension "Sun Connector for Alfresco CMS".

It was just released today, feedback welcome.

Read more: Malte Timmermann's Blog

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