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Using CSS Speech speak-as property?

Is anyone using the http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-speech/? And are there ways Drupal 8 should use this to improve screenreader accessibility?

Here are some examples of this proposed CSS3 Speech syntax:

code {
  speak-as: literal-punctuation;
.phone-number, .zipcode {
  speak-as: digits;

Are there places in Drupal's admin area or in Drupal sites where we

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Monthly Accessibility Skype: Call for Topics: March 13, 4pm UTC/11am CDT
2012-03-13 11:00 - 12:00 America/Chicago
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)
Superfish with directional arrows?

Has anyone seen a good implementation of Superfish or Mega Menu that lets the user tab through top level links, but use directional arrows to move back and forth in submenus?

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Form error UX feedback wanted

I'd like feedback on a proposal for how Form Errors work in Drupal 8 core:


I've created that Wiki page with proposed screenshots in response to the lengthy discussion in issue #447816 about how Drupal core FAPI indicates form validation errors using color.

In brief, the proposal is that error

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Oracle and AEGIS at CSUN

Spring has come early to California this week, just like the 27th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (more commonly known as the "CSUN Conference"). And just like last year, blooming wisteria outside my bedroom window lets me know that CSUN will take place next week.

This year Oracle is giving a

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style switchers and changes in contrast

Hello all,

I trust it is in order to post this question here. If not, please accept my apologies and feel free to direct me to a more appropriate group/forum.

I am assisting in the design of a site for the Visually Impaired Computer Society based in Ireland. One of the requirements is that the site design cater for those with residual vision; namely those who are visually impaired. My question is a simple one. Is there a module, or suite of modules available for Drupal 7.x

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Developer, designer, project manager positions available | Webalnce

We are hiring several project managers, developers and designers for our start up. http://www.weblance.com and www.weblance.com/blog .This position is ongoing and will last for at least 1 year. We are needing folks with at least 3 years experience in the respective fields. This is a contract position and contract are renewed every 6 months. We are

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Accessible Technology Webinar Series

The Great Lakes and Pacific ADA Centers on behalf of the ADA National Network are pleased to announce the 2012 Accessible Technology Webinar Series. Electronic information and communications technology have become essential tools in all areas of our lives and working environments today, and are particularly important to people with disabilities by providing equal access to the workplace and social media.
Please join us for our 2012 webinar series as we explore some of the latest

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Form Error Design Wiki

Let's use this wiki page to share and tweak proposed designs for accessible form field identification.

The issue queue discussion in issue #447816 comment #260 raised a lot of questions. Let's try to develop a design that handles all the cases discussed. Once we have consensus and the Accessibility and UX teams give feedback, we can then open a new issue with a more concise plan of action and roll patches. Let's get this

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a11yjobs: via @berryaccess #BlackBerry looking for #Accessibility Tester in Toronto/Mississauga area focused on non-visual access. DM me #a11y
a11yjobs: via @berryaccess #BlackBerry looking for #Accessibility Tester in Toronto/Mississauga area focused on non-visual access. DM me #a11y

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a11yjobs: Interested in becoming an #Accessibility Strategist for microsoft? http://t.co/AkaIyhhH via @MSFTEnable #a11y
a11yjobs: Interested in becoming an #Accessibility Strategist for microsoft? http://t.co/AkaIyhhH via @MSFTEnable #a11y

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