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This is a software repository that has been initiated by the AEGIS IP project and aims to aggregate all open source accessibility software items developed fully or in part by the project and also redirect to major external open source accessibility efforts.

Please proceed and view our collected software items per title (alphabetically), per User Group (developers of ICT as well as users with visual, cognitive, hearing and speech disabilities are being covered) or per type of software, developed in or outside AEGIS or improved in part in its context.

In the current repository, we have followed the clustering of our Open Accessibility Framework (OAF). You may access the Open Accessibility Framework from the OAEG menu and the project website (http://www.aegis-project.eu) for more on OAF.

As such, all solutions are clustered in one of the steps of the AEGIS OAF, which are namely the Definitions of accessibility (OAF Step 1 - “Creation” domain), the Stock elements (OAF Step 2-“Creation” domain), the Developer & Authoring tools (OAF Step 3-“Creation” domain), the Platform support (OAF Step 4- “Use” domain), the Accessible applications (OAF Step 5-“Use domain”), the Assistive Technologies & support libraries (OAF Step 6-“Use domain”). In addition to the above, with no direct correspondence to OAF, Test tools appear in a separate category.

Please navigate in our repository and propose more Open Source Accessibility software to be included in the repository by filling-in the form.